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Press Releases and Coverage

A listing of recent press releases from Come Out & Play SF and news stories about the festival and organization can be found here: Press releases and clips


A selection of photos for publication can be downloaded here: CO&P Photos


High resolution and vector versions of the Come Out & Play SF logo can be downloaded here: CO&P Logos

About Come Out & Play San Francisco

Come Out and Play SF is a volunteer-run organization that creates playful experiences, allowing people to interact with city spaces and each other in novel ways. The free annual festival was founded in New York City in 2006 and came to San Francisco in 2010.

Over the years, more than 235 public games have delighted 15,000 people. The event sparked an influential international street games movement, directly inspiring ten festivals around the globe, from Washington D.C. to London to Athens.

More than simple entertainment, play serves to transform spectators into participants and produce authentic shared experiences. Through the festival and other events, Come Out and Play aspires to transcend preconceptions of human interaction, public space, and the nature of games.

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