Wizard in a Bar

A wizard sends you on an epic, secret quest across Fort Mason.

By Joshua Marx and Dustin Freeman

Come Out & Play SF Festival 2016
Night Games



Presented by Come Out & Play SF with the support of Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture.

Wizard in a Bar is an immersive urban fantasy experience where participants are given quests by embedded fantasy characters. Follow the map and meet characters from a magical parallel dimension as you complete quests, collect items, gain prestige, and make choices in order to transform the fate of the world as we know it. Be bold, be daring, and begin your quest by approaching the Wizard in the Bar…

About the Artist

Dustin Freeman has a background in longform improv theatre (Canadian Improv Games) and an undergrad in applied math. His PhD in Computer Science was Improv Remix – a system for improvisors to do live video editing using a Kinect (http://dustinfreeman.org/improv-remix/).
Dustin worked on 3D scanning system KinectFusion while at Microsoft Research and as a Spatial Interaction Engineer on Occipital’s scanning and mixed reality engine. Currently, Dustin develops live digital participatory theatre.

Joshua Marx is an actor/director/producer/teacher who specializes in Immersive, Interactive, and Site-Specific performances. He is the founder of FloodLight productions and is responsible for many highly acclaimed productions (www.floodlightproductions.org). Most recently, he has worked on Boxcar Theatre’s “Speakeasy” as well as Epic Immersive’s “Ancien Regime”. He is a Professor of Theatre at SJSU and holds an MFA from Rutgers University.

Josh Marx | Dustin Freeman

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