Waddle Wars

Part of Come Out & Play San Francisco 2015

Waddle Wars is a fast-paced, physical big game consisting primarily of recyclable materials–namely, ICE!!! Players face off as “penguins with child” (rather, with egg) as they are challenged to first safely deposit their egg, then “waddle for their lives” (or rather, their offspring’s life) as they retrieve small blocks of ice and waddle them back, one-by-one, to their egg, cracking each ice block to determine if it contains “fish!” (good) or “foul!” (bad). The penguin who winds up with the most fish and least foul wins!


Game by John Greg Gomez & Mike Minadeo aka The Secret Portal

John Greg and Mike first met in 2011 at a Bruce Sterling-led virtual reality event held at Mike’s alma matter of Art Center in Pasadena. John Greg was in the process of researching new perspectives on play for a feature documentary series (forthcoming), while Mike was beginning his journey as a game designer, creating steampunk-themed scavenger hunts, ice breakers, and other amusements. Soon, Mike and John Greg were collaborating as members of two winning teams for back-to-back augmented reality hack-a-thons in 2013: one sponsored by daqri in Los Angeles, and the other sponsored by Epson in Long Beach. Subsequently they have collaborated on two IndieCade (and one past Come Out and Play San Francisco) selected games: Monster Stomp! in 2013, and Lock & Key in 2014. Lock & Key was also accepted and run at Two-Bit Circus’ inaugural STEAM Carnival in San Pedro last October. Waddle Wars marks John Greg and Mike’s third official game collaboration.

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