Tiki Taka Soka

Stay in your zone in this game of human foosball.

By Gigantic Mechanic with Toni Pizza & Matt Parker

Come Out & Play SF Festival 2016
Alt Sports,
Family Play



Presented by Come Out & Play SF with the support of Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture.

A soccer game of control and passing for the less fleet of foot. Inspired by FC Barcelona’s brand of passing and possession, Tiki Taka Soka divides the field into areas where only one player can venture. Take your time controlling the ball and setting up your pass. But you also can’t venture out of your area. So you’ll need to practice quick strategic passing to move the ball down the field and into the goal.

About the Artist

Gigantic Mechanic is a design studio and collective that brings fun, engaging experiences to the world around us through real-world, physical & social play.

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