The Order of the Oven Mitt

An edible board game where you must perform rituals and eat pieces to succeed.

By Jenn Sandercock

Come Out & Play SF Festival 2016
Tabletop Games



Presented by Come Out & Play SF with the support of Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture.

Do you have the appetite to become a Knight of the Oven Mitt? Complete the Initiation Trial by eating (yes, actually eating) Sacred Squares according to Sacred Rituals. Compete for your favourite candies or cooperate and share the spoils. The Order of the Oven Mitt is a tabletop, completely edible game for all ages that will get you laughing and strategising while you satisfy your sweet tooth.

About the Artist

Jenn is driven to create games built on curiosity, challenge, and friendship. Previously, she successfully challenged herself to create 52 game ideas in 52 weeks; and implement 12 games in 12 months. While working full time on an adventure game, Jenn’s current challenge is developing a series of edible games.

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