Hipster BINGO Puzzle Hunt on ClueKeeper

Part of Come Out & Play San Francisco 2015

It’s time to play BINGO on the streets of San Francisco! You’ll earn squares by solving clues (puzzles, scavenged info and trivia) at locations in and around Mission Dolores Park. Using the free ClueKeeper app on your mobile device, discover hidden clues at secret ultra-hip locations. Can your team earn a BINGO before time runs out? This game takes up to an hour, and plays best with a team of 1 to 4 people. Play whenever you like, or race against other teams during one of the designated start time windows.

Hipster BINGO requires a smartphone to play. Visit cluekeeper.com to download the app.


Game by Shinteki and ClueKeeper

ClueKeeper is a platform for developing and playing location-based clue hunts. The “Hipster BINGO” Puzzle Hunt was written by Linda and Brent Holman of Shinteki. The game veterans at Shinteki have been creating perplexing puzzles and clever clues for over 20 years. The ClueKeeper app has been making their job easier since 2013.

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