A collaborative storytelling game about an isolated community and a dying language.

By Thorny Games

Come Out & Play SF Festival 2016
Tabletop Games



Presented by Come Out & Play SF with the support of Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture.

A game about language and how it dies. Dialect is a storytelling game that follows a community in isolation through the lens of their language. We explore how the community’s speech evolves as they face challenges, establish values, and contrast themselves from the society they’ve left behind. We’ll embody characters within the Isolation and use this emergent language to breath life into the story. In the end, we’ll witness the decline of the language and examine how the community lost its identity. A highly modular world­building game, Dialect can be played in any setting where a group may find itself totally isolated ­ be it physically or culturally. Players take away both the story of a community and the language they spoke as a lasting artifact of the experience.

About the Artist

A wife and husband team of two game designer/­linguists, Thorny Games makes games about languages and the stories they tell. We’ve been developing Dialect on nights and weekends, spurred on by the strong reception we’ve received at games conventions by other designers in the storytelling community. We specialize in giving players tools to tell stories in unorthodox and original settings, and seek to actively avoid RPG tropes in order to make the hobby more approachable to new enthusiastic faces.

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