City Blocks: The Urban Puzzle

By James Rojas

Come Out & Play SF Festival 2016
Family Play



Presented by Come Out & Play SF with the support of Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture.

Photo: James Rojas

Photo: James Rojas

This game transforms urban development into a puzzle. Three-inch street-grid blocks have been carved out of wood and hundreds of small buildings have been designed to fit into them. However unlike a puzzle there are dozens of options on how to arrange the buildings and open space on the street block based on personal memories, aesthetics, and experiences. This civic puzzle helps participants understand how city blocks are created through inquiry and play.

About the Artist

James Rojas is an urban planner, community activist, and artist that developed a playful method of engagement and visioning to increase community participation. He has built 100 urban dioramas across the country. He has collaborated with municipalities, non-profits, educational institutions, museums and galleries to introduce urban planning to the public.

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