Come Out & Play SF 2016 People

CO&P SF 2016 Organizers


Catherine Herdlick, Executive Director
Josh Lee, Artistic Director
Rebekah Fugate, Operations Director
Eric Thurston
Andrea Passwater
Albert Alexander
Treyce Meredith


Albert Kong, Edmund Zagorin, Joyce Corrao Clanon, Lil Salazar, Ryan Tanaka, Yoshi Murai


Andres Hurtado, Annie Lin, Anuj Agrawal, Aynne Valencia, Aynne’s Husband, Benjamin Hansen, Chandre Geis, Charnell McQueen, Darcy Brown, Denise Grab, Emily Peckenham, Hope Connolly, Jennifer Ting, Joanne Orion Miller, Joe Gordon, Kathleen Meil, Laura Brunetti, Liz Mak, Min Yoon, Nanfang Gong, Oksana Kat, Rick Abruzzo, Shawn Lesniak, Shiaw-Ling Lai, Shuai Chen, Tara Chandi, Teresa Gonczy, Tiffany Wang, Yanzhu Gong

Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture

Come Out & Play 2016 was developed with the support of Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture. This year’s programming would not have been possible without the support and assistance of:
Justin Hoover,
Jane Casamajor,
Jordan Battle,
and all the FMCAC staff who helped make CO&P SF a success.

Special Thanks

Adam Griffith for taking beautiful photographs.

CO&P NYC and CO&P Pittsburgh for holding it down on the east coast.

Friends of the San Francisco Public Library’s Readers Bookstores for hosting Bookshelf.

Cluekeeper for supporting Defenders of the Deep.

Woodcut Maps for financial support of CO&P SF.

HUGE Thanks to all the artists who created and ran ticketed events and festival games;

And thanks to everyone who came out and played this year!

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