The Amazing Volunteer Race

A scavenger hunt where the key to finding clues involves volunteering and random acts of kindness.

By Gr8er Good Games

Presented by Come Out & Play SF with the support of Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture.



Sunday, October 16, 2:00 PM

Tickets $35 / $55


Part escape room-type puzzles, part scavenger hunt, part social good, this is a race unlike any that you’ve participated in before.

Teams of 2-6 will race around Fort Mason solving puzzles to secret locations, doing social good challenges, and performing random acts of kindness. Be the hero of your community by creating hero capes for sick children, beautifying the area around Fort Mason through trash clean up, brightening a stranger’s day by giving them a free flower and more!

These are some skills you might need on your team (Team members may have more than one skill!):

  • The Navigator- This person can follow any map and any compass and lead you in the optimal route!
  • The Detective- tluciffid woh rettam on noitacol yna ni eulc yna evlos nac evitceted doog A
  • The Curious- A curious human being will look behind every tree, under every rock, and inside of any hole to discover hidden drop-boxes, clues and hints. The Curious isn’t afraid of any challenge, looking silly or maybe talking to a stranger.
  • The Scribe- The Scribe is a great note-taker with the ability to keep passports, notes, and clues organized and legible.
  • The Craftaholic- The Craftaholic isn’t afraid of getting their hands dirty (with glitter), can weld a hot glue gun like nobody’s business, and is the creative mastermind behind the team.
  • The Cinematographer- A great cinematographer captures amazing moments in photo and/or video and shares them with the world for bonus race points.

What does this race even look like? At the start of the race, you’ll get a clue sheet with six puzzles encrypted in code. Once you’ve decoded a clue, it might tell you to look under a prop, find a clue inside a book, call a phone number to hear a secret message or go around the corner to find a secret agent. That message might take you to a website where you follow a trail to a station. At that station, you’ll receive instructions and an envelope of money that you have use to buy a loaf of bread. Then you might have to go back to that station to make sandwiches to be given to the homeless clients of Martin de Porres House of Hospitality. Once your team has completed that, you’ll receive a station stamp and go on your way to another station or clue waypoint.

What kinds of puzzles will you have? Migy jottfym qcff vy pyls xczzcwofn uhx migy jottfym qcff vy lyfuncpyfs yums. Sio’ff ufmi bupy ijjilnohcncym ni ayn vihom jichnm, qbcwb wuh ufqusm vy yrwbuhayx zil wfoym ni mifpy nby jottfym. If you can’t solve this, you might want to play one of our less puzzle intensive games.

What to bring: Sunscreen, water, good walking shoes, layers of clothing for the cold, battery pack for your phone & cellphone charging cable, at least 1 smart phone with data per team (you might want to download a QR reader), a notepad to collect clues, and a writing utensil. You can come ready with a team, or we can help you make some new friends.

Community Partners:

About the Artist

Gr8er Good Games produces puzzle- and clue-based urban adventure scavenger hunts. Teams will have fun solving clues, racing to secret locations, exploring the city, performing random acts of kindness, helping others and kicking ass while doing good!

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