Part of Come Out & Play San Francisco 2015

A fast-paced game of twig breaking action. Teams compete to harvest as many sticks as possible using only their feet. Recover your prehensile grasping abilities and put twigs in the bucket before time runs out!


Game by John Mawhorter

John Mawhorter is a play designer who makes games, toys, and play environments. He enjoys designing physical games that use found and natural materials that create chaotic physical play. Play the Environment, a series of environmental sports for the beach, river, and forest, was featured in Indiecade 2014. The action wargame Throw Into Chaos was played at Come Out & Play SF 2013 and Fruit Smash was a hit at the interactive dinner party series Appetite Obscure. He graduated with an MFA in Playable Media from UC Santa Cruz in 2014, where he studied play, phenomenology, game design, and sports history. During his research he came up with the concept of the play environment, which he uses to help design environment-specific games. Currently he is studying ecology and play and planning on pursuing a PHD to continue creating physical games full time.

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