Marionette Soccer

Part of Come Out & Play San Francisco 2015

Soccer, but with more blindfolds, hula hoops and chaos!

One player stands inside a hula hoop, wearing a blindfold. Another player stands behind them, outside of the hoop, and uses it to steer the blindfolded player toward the ball. Together, they must try and get the ball into a goal area without speaking to each other; only the player inside the hoop may kick the ball.

There’s a lot of comedic flailing in Marionette Soccer, and it’s a silly, often-exhilarating experience for the players inside and outside of the hoops.


Game by Laura E. Hall, Seanna Musgrave, Josh Schonstal, Yori Kvitchko

Laura E. Hall, Seanna Musgrave, Josh Schonstal, and Yori Kvitchko are Portland-based artists and game designers who love to create digital and physical games.

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