Part of Come Out & Play San Francisco 2015

Illustreet is an interactive picture game that encourages play, laughter, and fun on the streets of your community. Gather with friends and neighbors around a free-standing, full-sized chalkboard and draw pictures of words for others to guess. Adding to the time-tested success of outdoor board games (e.g., chess, checkers, and backgammon) in public parks around the world, Illustreet offers a new play experience for the brave and bold park user. Illustreet brings the board game outside—and stands it up.


Game by Aitan Mizrahi

Aitan Mizrahi was born in the small town of San Francisco but calls New England home. Since moving to the East Coast, over ten years ago, he has been a goat herder, cheesemaker, entrepreneur, natural builder, student, and now a master of science in ecological design. Aitan is embarking on a new career path as a playscape designer, merging his love of the unexpected, his desire to leave the world a better place than he found it, and his passion for laughter and play. His latest creation, Illustreet, has been shown at street festivals and other playful venues around New England.

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