Battle Tao

Part of Come Out & Play San Francisco 2014

In this three-army game of capture the flag, kingdoms compete to “acquire” (pillage, rob, or swipe) magic treasures. The first kingdom to acquire 12 treasures wins!

Players form powerful units by linking hands to tag smaller enemy units. Players can link and unlink as the needs of the battlefield change.

Will your kingdom acquire its gold from pillaging and ambushing other kingdoms or by persuading the Great Sage to give you treasures? You decide. One thing’s for certain: there can be only one winner. (Played in short 7 minute rounds. Great for kids and kids in spirit).


Game by Shambhala Sun Camp (Jonathan McKeever and Gordon Shotwell)

Shambhala Sun Camp has become a forge for great field games that entrain experiences of improvisation, team work, quick thinking, and kindness above all.



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