Updates on the 2015 CO&P SF festival.

Come Out & Play SF 2015 Gallery

Come Out & Play SF 2015 featured a week of games played across San Francisco. Here are a few photos from Undercover Capture the Flag, Jericho, an Evening of Conversation, Festival Day, and Family Day.

An Evening of Conversation

Join us on Friday, September 18 at 7 PM for an evening of conversation and games. Hosted by Heather Browning, Behavioral Designer and Executive Director of CO&P SF. Speakers Rebecca Power of Quixote Games: “Put Yourself in Play” Albert Alexander of Appetite Obscure: “High Stakes: playing without a safety net.” […]

Chirp Club

Part of Come Out & Play San Francisco 2015 Chirp Club is a twitchy competitive local multiplayer videogame that combines Joust-style movement and combat with elements of field sports. Anywhere from 2 to 100 players can join a game simply by going to a web site on their smartphone, with […]

Poppy Cat Adventures

Part of Come Out & Play San Francisco 2015 Join Poppy Cat on an extraordinary adventure! Preschoolers will be encouraged to use their imagination and take part in creating and bringing to life stories inspired by the hit preschool show Poppy Cat. The Poppy Cat TV series on Sprout focuses […]


Part of Come Out & Play San Francisco 2015 Grab your smart phone and a couple of friends, and jump into the biggest arena shooter ever. In Scattershot, you’re given control of a single cannon on an ill-conceived contraption of a ship that can only move by firing its guns. […]

Mini Game Mayhem

Part of Come Out & Play San Francisco 2015 Teams compete in an olympics of wild and wooly mini games, under the direction of the redoubtable Doctor Twist.   Game by T.W.I.S.T. Games It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s 70 tipsy adults in silly costumes having a blast. […]

Tangible Possibility: Playful Speed Dating

Part of Come Out & Play San Francisco 2015 Tangible Possibility is an artist-designed experiment in speed dating packed with playfulness, creativity, and tactile experience. Engage in quirky, whimsical get-to-know-you activities and quickly get a sense of whether someone would be an awesome new romantic partner, friend, or colleague. An […]


Part of Come Out & Play San Francisco 2015 Illustreet is an interactive picture game that encourages play, laughter, and fun on the streets of your community. Gather with friends and neighbors around a free-standing, full-sized chalkboard and draw pictures of words for others to guess. Adding to the time-tested […]

Rose Macbeth

Part of Come Out & Play San Francisco 2015 A blindfolded knife fight in a graveyard. For two teams of 2 and up to 6 ghosts.   Game by Wise Guys Events Wise Guys Events is Myles Nye and Greg Snyder. Based in Los Angeles, Wise Guys Events is the […]


Part of Come Out & Play San Francisco 2015 Pinkball is a collaborative ball and stick game that is played by a group of 5 people. The Goal: Keep the ball in the air, by hitting it with your stick, and then get it in the hoop that’s placed a […]