Come Out & Play San Francisco brings new and innovative games to San Francisco every fall. The 2014 festival features some of the most exciting, challenging, and fun games yet, from a range of designers and artists coming from all over the Bay Area and beyond.

Atlas by LUDIKA, Richie Rhombus, and Jared Wood

Battle Tao by Shambhala Sun Camp (Jonathan McKeever and Gordon Shotwell)

Bring Home the Beacon by Albert Kong and Lily Cheng

Caught in the Act by Sam Bobra, Erik Koland, John Rogers-Oliver, Kate Spacek, and Gabe Smedresman

Charge of the Rubber Galaxy Warriors by Gigantic Mechanic

Flacq by Joobee Games

Hoot Patooter by Wise Guys

Jericho — The Urban Spy Game by Foxhound Urban Adventures

Jugger by Savage Internet

Kick Dodge by New Ideas for a New Era

The Mad Tea Party by Quixote Games

The Mating Game by T.W.I.S.T. Games

Origami Fishing Game 2.0 by Emily Wong

Secret Spot by Chris Fagerlund

Sesame Street Box Heads by Gigantic Mechanic

Space Lasers by Daniel F.

Space Masquerade 2001 by James Cox and Brian Pickens

Stepball by Floor Is Lava

Undercover Games by Chantae Lucero and Bryan Culbertson

You Can Get Closer Than That: Emotional Improv Games by Albert Alexander

Plus Journey to the End of Night and much more!


Friday, Oct. 24, 5-9 PM

Atlas [neighborhood] 5-7
Space Lasers 5-6, 7-8
Space Masquerade [quick] 6-7, 8-9
Stepball 6-7
Battle of the Rubber Galaxy Warriors [quick] [active] 6-7, 7-8
You Can Get Closer Than That [quick] 7-9
Flacq [quick] 7-9
Bring Home the Beacon [neighborhood] 7-9
Caught in the Act [offsite] 7-9

SATURDAY, Oct. 25, 12-6 PM

Origami Fishing [family] 12-4*
Hoot Patooter [family] [quick] 12-1, 1-2*
Kick Dodge [active] 12-2
The Mating Game [quick] 12-2
Space Masquerade [quick] 1-3
Secret Spot [neighborhood] 1-2, 3-4
Mad Tea Party 2-4
Box Heads [family] 2-5*
Jugger [family] [active] 2-3*, 3-4
Jericho [neighborhood] [long] [active] 2-5
Space Lasers [family] [quick] 3-4*, 4-5
Battle Tao [active] 4-6
Undercover Games [neighborhood] [long] 4-6
Journey to the End of Night [neighborhood] [long] [active] 5-LATE

* Games at these times are reserved for younger players.

[family] Family Fun [quick] Short Game [active] Very Active
[neighborhood] Neighborhood Play [long] Long Game [offsite] Starts Off-site


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