Who We Are

The CO&P SF 2013 Team

Albert Kong Bio

Albert Kong – Events Director
Albert creates experiences that challenge the relationships between the city and its citizens. He became involved in transgressive play through the parkour and freerunning community, which emphasizes interacting with urban architecture in creative ways. Albert became the director of the San Francisco Come Out & Play Festival after volunteering in 2011 and 2012, and organizes the open playtesting group, Sandbox, for new real world games. His work has been featured in Come Out & Play and IndieCade. He is currently working on Stranger Danger, a card game where you talk to strangers.


Heather Browning BioHeather Browning – Games Director
Heather believes games can be widely utilized to make people smarter and life more enjoyable and rewarding. She is interested in presenting information in a way that empowers people and enables action. As part of her goal to create spaces that facilitate deep learning and a greater understanding of the world Heather works as Agnitus’ STEM Game Designer. Heather sees game play as the most powerful way of implementing empowering and engaging people to create positive outcomes.


Rebekah Fugate – Organizer
Rebekah Fugate has been playing games for as long as she can remember. She was introduced to Come Out and Play when the company she works for submitted a game to the 2009 event in New York City. When the festival came to the west coast, she happily joined the organizing committee and has been an active member of the group since 2011.

Thomas Lotze BioThomas Lotze – Journey Liaison
Thomas Lotze likes to help people have new experiences.  He started and ran SurviveDC — the DC game of Journey to the End of the Night — for four years and has helped organize games in Chicago, San Francisco, and Mexico City.  Before that, he started Vericon, Harvard’s annual science fiction and gaming convention.  Drawn to San Francisco largely because of a game (SFZero), he enjoys theatrical LARPs, board games, and trying to understand all things better through numbers.


Nathan Maton bioNathan Maton – Volunteer Coordinator
Nathan is curious about what motivates people. Over the last eight years Nathan has worked with communities as an organizer, taught individuals one on one and through media as a writer, marketer, advertiser, game designer, game programmer, web developer, and interactive experience manager. Today he work as a product manager at IDEO on OpenIDEO.



Cat Herdlick Bio

Catherine Herdlick – Organizer & Co-Founder
Catherine believes that most people mean well most of the time. Her life is driven by a desire to increase empathy in all types of real world relationships. To that end, she has designed and built children’s playspaces, games for public spaces, community festivals, customized consumer products, and many video game development teams. She is one of the original co-founders of Come Out & Play, remains involved in organizing San Francisco’s festival, and is extremely grateful to Albert and Heather for so ably and enthusiastically taking over the reigns. She currently runs Woodcut Maps, a small San Francisco-based design and manufacturing company with an online tool that lets anyone design their own wood marquetry map art of any place on earth. (they make great holiday gifts!)

Gabe Smedresman – Organizer
Gabe Smedresman is a San Francisco-based designer, coder and builder with a passion for games, real-world data, interactive narrative, maps, public space and theater — and the intersections between them. His latest work includes the mixed-reality facebook game Crazy Boat: The Curse of the Trash Vortex (New York Times: “enormously compelling”), cartographic art startup Woodcut Maps (SF Chronicle: “new territory for decor”), and art heist installation game The Hearst Collection (Kotaku: “Look — we all love lasers”). Gabe is currently the Technology Director at The Go Game, building platforms for live-action urban adventure games running every week across the world.

Joe Edelman – Organizer
Joe Edelman is unaffiliated and dangerous.  His checkered past includes corporate and academic research labs, startups, public speaking, choreography & theater, and game design.  He tends to make real-world, mission-based, high-coordination games, and he focuses on stranger-stranger interactions, the varieties of rapport and connection, and the ways we sometimes don’t realize we are unfulfilled.  He worked on the precursor to Kinect at Interval Research, on community algorithms at Couchsurfing, on collaborative filtering at MIT, on crowd choreography with Improv Everywhere, and continues to help bring real world games to the teeming, unwashed masses (like you!) with Come Out and Play.


We received graphic design assistance from Kai Stewart, Ryan Dean Ramos, and Jordan Arnesen. Thanks guys!

…and a tireless team of friends and volunteers.

Our Generous Supportors

San Francisco Arts Commissioneverett

The Come Out and Play Festival  is supported in part by the San Francisco Arts Commission Cultural Equity Grants Program through an Arts for Neighborhood Vitality grant.  We are the recipients of a Fiscal Sponsorship from the SOMArts Cultural Center.

Come Out & Play would also like to thank  Everett Middle School and San Francisco Recreation & Parks for participating as a community partner for the Come Out & Play SF Festival and for allowing their facilities to be locations for festival games.

The Go gameDandelion Chocolate

The above San Francisco businesses have donated products and space in support of the festival this year. They’re great, go check out their products!


We are also proud to have FuncheapSF as a media sponsor this year! Perhaps you saw our listing at sf.funcheap.com?