Come Out & Prey: Assassins

Use of these weapons during the game will result in agent's burn notice.

Current Kills

10/7: Peso killed Rawhide
10/8: Peso killed Punchline
10/17: Acrobat killed Hobnob


TOP SECRET: our second fundraiser this year is Come Out & Prey, a game for Assassins living or working in San Francisco*. Your mission is to find and assassinate your target when they least expect it. But you’ll have to watch your back, because someone will be going after you as well.

Come Out & Prey will begin on October 7th and last for 2 weeks. The player with the most kills at the end of 2 weeks (or earlier if every other player in the game is eliminated) will be crowned the winner on October 20th, and receive a $100 prize. We are asking for a $25 donation to join the game; proceeds will fund the operation of the Come Out & Play festival this year.

How it works:
After you register on the form, you will be assigned a time and place to be debriefed on the rules, verify your identity, and receive your first target card. When the game begins, you can assassinate your target using a squirt gun or a water balloon. If you assassinate your target, they relinquish their target card to you, identifying your next target.
You must carry your current target card at all times during the game.
You must be available on October 20th for the closing ceremony.
Sign up by September 28th!

Fill out the form below to register for Assassins and get instructions on receiving your first target. We will accept your donation when we give you your target. All your information will be held in confidence and destroyed after the game period.

*We may organize games outside of San Francisco with enough players. Sign up if you’re anywhere in the Bay Area!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will the $25 go toward?
Come Out & Prey is a fundraiser benefiting the annual Come Out & Play Festival in San Francisco, a free showcase of real world games. This year, the festival will be held on November 9th and 10th in the Mission. Your donation will help us pay for festival space, insurance, permitting, printed materials, and more. Thank you!

How do I pay and receive my target?
Fill out the registration form and we will send you an email when the registration closes on September 28th. At that point, we will set up the game infrastructure and give you the final details. In general, you will meet in person to receive your first target in exchange for a donation on the weekend of October 5th and 6th.

How do you play Assassins?
It’s simple! You send in your information, and you receive information about your target: name, home and work address, and a photo. In order to “assassinate” your target, you must attack them with a water balloon or squirt gun. If you succeed, they are eliminated and must give you their target, who you will hunt next. It’s your job to track down your target with the information you have, and take them out when they least expect it.

Are there any safe zones?
Yes! While you are inside your house or the building where you work, you cannot be attacked. Likewise, you are safe while you are on any form of public transportation, or inside a station (BART, MUNI, ferry building, etc). Hospitals and other medical centers are also safe. When you step outside of these places, you are a viable target. Watch your back!

Can I play if I don’t live in San Francisco?
Currently we are accepting players who live OR work in San Francisco (or both). If we receive enough sign-ups from players in other cities, we may organize another game.