Toy Chest

Do you ever wonder which toy would win in a fight: My Little Pony or Optimus Prime?

Do you have toys that haven’t been played with in years?

Bring them to Toy Chest!

Is your toy faster, fuzzier, cuter or older than its opponent? In Toy Chest, it’s not just about firepower. Compare traits and play your cards right to be the first to earn 10 points and win. You may be surprised at which toy emerges triumphant.

Though physical fighting is not a part of the game, Toy Chest will take place in a cute, hand-crafted mini boxing ring. To create some theatrical drama, we will ring a bell to announce the beginning and end of each match. The counter pieces (to keep score) and the deck of 40 cards will be designed and made by us, incorporating whimsical icons, imagery, fonts and colors. Mini handmade ribbons (like at the county fair) will be awarded to winning toys to take home and wear proudly.

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