Montañas a Mesas: A Game of Speed Agility and Flight

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2:00 PM – 4:00 PM 

START : Victoria Manalo Draves Park near Folsom St and 6th St, San Francisco 

Players assume the character of an Auto, Balloon or Roadrunner. Using maps and the geo-locative iPhone/iPad app, ARIS, players solve quests from Kachinas, awarded pins and are chased by Coyotes. The quests relate to their mode of mobility and the history of urban development of New Mexico.


Montañas a Mesas is a city game simulating the effects and challenges of mobility by air, vehicle and animal using the landscape of Albuquerque from the Sandia Mountains to the West Albuquerque Mesa. This multi player – all ages game takes on the familiarity tag and a scavenger hunt using downtown San Francisco as the game board.

To follow your roles path to the end, checking in with all Kachinas along the way. If a coyote spirit catches you, you must answer a tricky question. How you answer this question will either add or subtract from your overall accomplishments. Win the game by getting pins from all locations both physical and virtual.

This game can be played without technology, but there are clues, incentives and awards if you play using the ARIS app on an iPad or iPhone.

ARIS in the App Store

Click here for more information on how to How to use ARIS.

You will also need comfortable shoes and need to arrive on time.


Watch Out! Coyotes are the chasers in this game. There are limited numbers of these characters but if they catch you they can take away one of your pins 🙁 Unless, you are able to solve one of their tricky riddles!


The Kachina’s are the wise keepers of knowledge. Kachina’s are at each site and will ask a riddle to the curious car, balloon and roadrunner. If they answer the question correctly you will award them with a pin.


Each person is randomly chosen to be a roadrunner, auto or balloon. Players follow a path through the city, checking in with Kachinas along the way. The Coyote spirit who can help or hinder them on their journey may also chase you.

Hot Air Balloon       Automobile    Road Runner

The game Montañas to Mesa uses a game structure similar to tag and scavenger hunt along with a geo-locative mobile app while players assume the character of an auto, balloon and roadrunner. These three must compete with each other to reach their destinations as each has an advantage and disadvantage over the other.

Using familiar geo locative systems with smart phones they players will be given clues and tips tied to a fact about their mode of mobility and the history of urban development of Albuquerque. These clues are set up like a scavenger hunt where in order to reach their destination they must collect, contribute or take action using the information they receive from the mobile communication system.

Game created by San Francisco Artist and New Mexico native, Danielle Siembieda, in collaboration with DC Spensley.


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What Does is the Game Like? Check ou this video for the Game at ISEA 2012


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