Humans vs. Mosquitoes

Humans vs. Mosquitoes is a physical field game where humans attempt to defeat mosquitoes by clearing out their breeding grounds, and mosquitoes attempt to defeat humans by depleting their blood supply.

Twelve players are divided into the two teams. The mosquitoes are positioned in the middle of a circular field, surrounded by several breeding grounds containing a few “eggs” each. Each human is positioned at the edge of the field and carries 2 tokens of “blood.” When the game starts, each human must try to remove an egg from a breeding ground without getting “bitten” by a mosquito; and each mosquito must “bite” a human for a blood token, which can be exchanged for another egg. A human is eliminated from the game if he or she loses both blood tokens. A mosquito is eliminated each time a breeding ground is cleared of eggs.

At the end of each game the team with the most players wins a point for their overall tally. At the end of the day, we’ll announce whether the humans or the mosquitoes conquered Come Out & Play!

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