Broom Ships!

Broom Ships is a field game for large groups of players (adults, and children 9 and up are welcome)  involving unique game dynamics and constrained unit movement.

“Fleets” compete against each other on the high seas, doing battle with great flotillas of ships with cannon. Each “Ship” is formed by 4 to 8 players holding onto a broomstick, giving the game its name.

Ships may maneuver (forward only, with turning allowed) , fire cannon (with beanbags, at 90 degrees to the direction of the broom handle), and re-arm themselves with beanbags at any one of several “Ports.” (Ports are represented by large banners placed at the edge of the field. )

The goal of the game is to capture all of the “ports.”

In the smoke of battle, who will emerge victorious? The unique (and constrained) nature of the ship movement makes for a hilarious results, and great team dynamics as the ships navigate the field — at times awkwardly – unleashing mighty broadsides and attempting to remain afloat.

Jonathan and Gordon have been designing game experiences for young people since they themselves were hatched... in the fun and challenging world of Shambhala Sun Summer Camps. They currently wander the earth looking for supreme game-catalyzed moments of open mind.

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