The Architect and the Urchin

By Dax Tran-Caffee

“The Architect designs the city to be lived in, but does not live there. The Urchin is part of the city, but not part of the design.”


The Architect & The Urchin is a treasure hunt amidst a three- way game of tag. This is citywide psychogeography as experienced through need and greed.

Basic Rules:

  1. Search the city for hidden locations where you can stamp your map. 9 stamps are required to enter the finish line.
  2. Steal another player’s Name by tagging them. The player who accumulates the most Names before entering the finish line wins.
  3. Players will be given ribbons with one of three colors (purple, green or yellow). Your color determines who you are hunting, and who is hunting you.

This is an active, fast-paced game with no suggested boundaries, with players traveling on foot a minimum of 5 miles through the city over the course of 3 hours. Water bottles are recommended, good shoes are required.