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Come Out and Play Festival San Francisco Announces Second Annual Program

Expanded local line-up includes over 15 free real-world games, including the Halloween edition of Journey to the End of the Night

Festival dates: Saturday, October 29-Sunday, November 6
Festival Headquarters: The Go Game, 400 Treat Avenue, San Francisco, CA

Journey to the End of the Night: Saturday, October 29, 7:00 pm
Journey to the End of the Night Start Location: Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco, CA

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — (September 29, 2011) San Francisco’s second annual Come Out and Play Festival will transform the city into a giant playground once more with an expanded week long line-up of over 15 real-world games. Showcasing more local designers than ever before, this year’s festival emphasizes creative, site-specific games like Undercover Capture the Flag, and strategic, city-wide games like Journey to the End of the Night. In addition, the Come Out and Play Festival will invite players to sample games from across the spectrum, including street games, site-specific games, smartphone-based pervasive games, and alternative sports.

“We’re thrilled to be able to bring the Come Out and Play Festival back to San Francisco in this new format,” said Catherine Herdlick, festival director. “We’re lucky to live in oneof the epicenters of innovation in game design, and where we have a great combination of strong designers and a playful population. We’re really hoping the festival encourages even more creative uses of city space.”

The 2011 festival will kick off with the third Halloween edition of Journey to the End of the Night, an epic chase through a series of artist-created checkpoints scattered across San Francisco, which last year attracted 1,300 players. This year, Journey organizers will present a new format featuring nonlinear checkpoints and the Chaser Killer, a new character designed to terrify chasers as they pursue their targeted players across the haunted cityscape. Winners will, as always, be feted and praised at the final checkpoint’s atmospheric outdoor party.

Other games include live-action Field Frogger, based on Konami’s video game of the same name; Undercover Capture the Flag, to be played by blending in with shoppers at the Westfield Mall; Jericho, an urban spy game aimed at the recovery of “top secret” documents; and Hantis, a fast-paced, alternative sport combining ping-pong, handball, and four custom-made tables.

The majority of games will take place in the festival’s traditional weekend format on Saturday, November 5 and Sunday, November 6, starting from The Go Game headquarters at 400 Treat Avenue. Jericho will take place during the workweek and Journey to the End of the Night on Saturday, October 29. The full schedule will be posted at

Come Out and Play Festival Games and Designers

  • Pinkball by Ian Fraser (The Go Game)
  • Hantis by Thaxton Marshall, Ben Fatherree, and Jason Johns
  • Escort Quest by Grant Reid and Robert Meyer
  • Field Frogger by ESI Design
  • Journey to the End of the Night by Sam Lavigne (Situate & SFZero), Ian Kizu-Blair (Situate & SFZero), Sean Mahan (SFZero), and Jackie Hasa
  • The Architect and the Urchin by Dax Tran-Caffee
  • Charge of the Rubber Ball Brigade by Greg Trefry
  • Ninja Corridor by Dan Walton and Bonnie Puckett
  • Jericho by Shannon Bruzelius (Foxhound Urban Adventures)
  • Ariadne’s Thread by Bryce Hidysmith and Madeline Fried
  • Undercover Capture the Flag by Undercover Street Games
  • Wanted! by Catherine Herdlick (The Cowgirl Way Society)
  • Cadre Challenges by Joe Edelman (Citizen Logistics)
  • Aristocratic Assassins by Malachi Griffie
  • Cardboard Tube Fighting League Tournament by Robert Easley

About the Come Out and Play Festival

The annual Come Out and Play Festival seeks to provide a forum for new types of public games and play. We want to bring together a public eager to rediscover the world around them through play with designers interested in producing innovative new games and experiences. Oh yeah, and we want to have city-size fun.

Come Out & Play was founded in 2006 to offer the public new ways to enjoy and experience their city through games played in public spaces. It was the first festival of its kind in the world and remains a leader in identifying trends in public gaming and an inspiration for games festivals worldwide. We show how much fun can be had by combining elements like GPS, sidewalks, chalk, kickball, SMS, capture the flag, bluetooth, and footraces in pedestrian-friendly areas.Since then, the festival has run annually in New York City. In 2010, the festival expanded to the West Coast alongside one of its co-founders. Games were played throughout Haight-Ashbury, The Panhandle and Golden Gate Park.

The 2011 Come Out & Play San Francisco Festival is being organized by over 15 San Franciscan street game designers that are passionate about working together to bring the very best street gaming experiences to everyone in San Francisco.This year’s games will be run in the Mission District and, like all Come Out & Play events, the games will be completely free to play. The week kicks off with Journey To The End of the Night (a San Francisco Halloween tradition) and continues through the following weekend. The full 2010 San Francisco schedule is located here.

Organizers of the 2011 San Francisco Come Out and Play Festival include:

Catherine Herdlick, (Come Out & Play Festival),
Gabe Smedresman (Meet Gatsby and Undercover Street Games),
Aaron Perry-Zucker (Big New Ideas and Undercover Street Games),
Ian Kizu-Blair (Situate and SFZero), Sam Lavigne (Situate and SFZero),
Sean Mahan (SFZero),
Jackie Hasa (SFZero),
Ian Fraser (The Go Game),
Finn Kelly (The Go Game),
Anna Lotko (USC),
Maya Gilbert (Surprise Industries),
Joe Edelman (Groundcrew),
Malachi Griffie,
John Teasdale (,
Shannon Bruzeliu (Foxhound Urban Adventures and Jericho),
Rebekah Fugate (Retronyms & Dokogeo),
Maddie Fried,
Bryce Norton,
Mirabelle Jones (Hipsters v. Hippies)