By Thaxton Marshall, Ben Fatherree, and Jason Johns

Hantis is the full-body fulfillment of ping-pong on any four tables using a tennis ball. Each team member can use two hits with any part of the body to strike an opponents table. It was designed so that line spectators can quickly become players. At the festival, we will introduce Rotational Hantis so that everyone can have a turn and teammates change every 15 seconds.

Hantis Hype Video

Cadre Challenges

By Joe Edelman

Cadre is a mobile web and SMS app that facilitates fun, social and adventurous experiences in public space, and a game than encourage players to invent and perform challenges. Cadre works by sending players short sets of instructions that can be executed alone or in group, with existing friends or by meeting new people.

Jericho – The Urban Spy Game

By Shannon Bruzelius

Jericho Is an urban game played by two teams of spies completing missions that require stealth, cunning, and a healthy dose of Nerf marksmanship! For each mission, one team is assigned the task of performing a covert pickup and delivery of “top secret documents”and the other team is given the task of stopping them. The best part…you eliminate the enemy using your Nerf dart gun!

Nerf gun and hat required to play!

There is also a special one-of-a-kind Nerf gun that will be given away at the start of the game for the best spy movie costume. Come dressed to kill!

Undercover Capture the Flag

By Undercover Street Games

It’s like capture the flag but you can’t let anyone know you’re playing a game, all set in the labyrinthine spans and dizzying heights of the *****TOP***SECRET****** mall.

Red team v. Blue team, dozens of players each. No running no shouting. Tag someone by whispering “excuse me, so you have the time” in their ear. Who’s playing and who’s not? Nobody knows!

Journey to the End of the Night

By Sean Mahan, Ian Kizu-Blair, Sam Lavigne, and Jackie Hasa

The city spreads out before you. Rushing from point to point, lit by the slow strobe of fluorescent buses and dark streets. Stumbling into situations for a stranger’s signature. Fleeing unknown pursuers, breathing hard, admiring the landscape and the multitude of worlds hidden in it.

For one night, drop your relations, your work and leisure activities, and all your usual motives for movement and action, and let yourself be drawn by the attractions of the chase and the encounters you find there.