Aristocratic Assassins

By Malachi Griffie

A gorgeous Renaissance Masquerade Ball. All the high-class citizens are out in their finery, ready to enjoy an evening of dancing and conversation. But unbenownst to them there are assassins in their midst! The assassins are trying to go unnoticed at the ball in order to kill the Magistrates and their supporters. But the assassins are not alone, there are those amongst the crowd who support their aims. Meanwhile the Duke/Duchess has their watchful eye on the party-goers, ensuring that none shall act with impropriety. Who will win the evening? The Magistrates or the Assassins? Who will get caught in the crossfire? And whose side are you on?

Cardboard Tube Fighting League

By Robert Easley

A tournament involving cardboard tube fighting where the goal is to break your opponents tube without breaking your own.

Events have taken place in Sydney Australia, Bristol England, San Paulo Brazil, Tokyo Japan, Toronto Canada, St. Petersburg Russia, and all over North America.


By Ian Fraser

Pinkball is a collaborative ball and stick game that is played by a group of 5 people.

The Goal: Keep the ball in the air, by hitting it with your stick, and then get it in the hoop that’s placed a few feet off the ground.

The Slappyface rule: each player on the team can opt to whack a teammate with the ball ONE time in the course of the 15 minute game. If they miss, they can’t attempt again. If they hit the teammate in the face, they win a Ninja prize.

The Architect and the Urchin

By Dax Tran-Caffee

“The Architect designs the city to be lived in, but does not live there. The Urchin is part of the city, but not part of the design.”


The Architect & The Urchin is a treasure hunt amidst a three- way game of tag. This is citywide psychogeography as experienced through need and greed.

Basic Rules:

  1. Search the city for hidden locations where you can stamp your map. 9 stamps are required to enter the finish line.
  2. Steal another player’s Name by tagging them. The player who accumulates the most Names before entering the finish line wins.
  3. Players will be given ribbons with one of three colors (purple, green or yellow). Your color determines who you are hunting, and who is hunting you.

This is an active, fast-paced game with no suggested boundaries, with players traveling on foot a minimum of 5 miles through the city over the course of 3 hours. Water bottles are recommended, good shoes are required.

Charge of the Rubber Ball Brigade

By Greg Trefry

A battlefield-sized game of Dodgeball. Teams start on opposing sides of the field and rush to grab the hundreds of dodgeballs spread across the battlefield. The field is divided into three bands, Team 1, Neutral Zone and Team 2. Each team has a flag planted on the battlefield in the Neutral Zone. The object of the game is to capture the other team’s flag.

There are two types of player on each team Infantry and Medics.

When a player is hit with a ball they fall where hit. They can only be revived by a Medic player. Medic players revive a player by wrapping a bandage around their arm. Revived players can return to battle. Infantry cannot revive a Medic.

The team that capture the other team’s flag and brings it back to their territory wins. Neutral battlefield observers will patrol the battlefield making sure all’s fair in war.


By The Cowgirl Way Society

Maggie Durrant is WANTED! Dead or alive! And there’s a generous bounty on her head.

Since Maggie left New York, the Pinkertons have been on her tail. Play this interactive sms adventure drama to help her find her getaway car and escape.

You’ll wind your way through Mission streets and alleys trying to throw off the Pinkertons. Meanwhile, the Cowgirl Way Society will help you unpack Maggie’s story, make and spot imposters, track down friends, and get in touch with the getaway car driver.

Ariadne’s Thread

By Bryce Hidysmith and Madeline Fried

In Ariadne’s thread, players race through a maze by trying to find the shortest possible route in a large, outdoor maze, or in an indoor labyrinth. The outdoor maze will be drawn out in chalk, temporary field paint or perhaps low physical barriers, while the indoors one will have full walls and be a nod to interactive haunted houses and the Exploratorium’s tactile dome. When the players reach the end, they must do battle with the minotaur.

Ninja Corridor

By Dan Walton and Bonnie Puckett

Train in quickness and stealth by playing Corridor like real ninjas do.

Sneak past armed blindfolded ninja assisisins through the Corridor. Grab a sacred bell from the basket and return through the Corridor without being detected. One ring and you are sure to meet your fate with an ear guided blade.

The Escort Quest

By Grant Reid and Robert Meyer

The Escort Quest is a big game that is played in two-player partnerships at outdoor, crowded locations. The goal is for partnerships to collect items in the public space and return them to a cash-out locale, with the twist that players are tied together and one of them blindfolded. While on the outside the game looks like a bunch of people absurdly wandering around, in practice the design aims to form strong bonds of trust between partnerships and encourages players to completely rethink the space around them.

It has been accepted into IndieCade’s Big Games Program, DC, and now this! The game works best in a large public sphere where players will interact with non-players. Obstacles in the environment are encouraged.

Field Frogger

Thanks for an amazing time, San Francisco!

By ESI Design

Field Frogger, by ESI Design

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of the landmark arcade titles by actually becoming Frogger and conquering the challenging adventure. This analog variation of the popular video game casts you as a frog desperately trying to get home. A busy highway and swamp are the only obstacles between you and your goal, requiring swift timing and lightning quick decisions. Try your hopping ability at this one-of-a-kind experience that uses meticulous details from the original to accurately recreate the excitement of your very first Frogger attempt!

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